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    McConnell AFB, KS - Educational Services

    There are no college courses provided at McConnell Air Force Base. The library at McConnell Air Force Base has a resource library that contains study materials for the ACT, SAT and GRE. The Education Center at McConnell Air Force Base is located at 53474 Lawrence Court, Building 412 and can provide information about testing facilities for CLEP exams and tuition assistance. Call 316-759-4246 or DSN 743-4246 for more specific details about educational opportunities near McConnell Air Force Base.

    22 MSS DPE
    53474 LAWRENCE CT BLDG 312
    MCCONNELL AFB KS 67221-4000

    DSN 743-4240/4251
    FAX 316-759-4246
    DSN FAX 743-4246

    Educational opportunities on Base includes classes through Newman University, Butler County Community College, Embry Riddle and Webster University. In addition to college opportunities, the education office provides counseling, testing, Professional Military Education, Tuition assistance, Bootstrap, Deferments, Commissioning programs, Community College of the Air Force, high school equivalency testing and developmental reading in support of on the job training.